Options for Online Degree Programs

Emineo Media College Student ReviewsMany options for online degree programs are the same as those for residential students, including what school to attend, what degree to pursue and what major to choose. Degree options in many online programs are as varied as on-campus and range from associate degrees through doctorates in dozens of majors.

Enrollment in online courses (those in which 80% or more of the content is presented online) grew dramatically from 1.98 million students in 2003 to 4.6 million in 2008 (www.sloanconsortium.org). Online degree programs are available in more than a dozen fields and are ideal for nontraditional students who work full time, have children or are otherwise unable to attend more conventional campus programs.

Options in Areas of Study Available for Online Degrees

Online degree programs typically offer the same coursework as campus-based programs. Some of the fields in which online degrees are available are:

  • Social services and public administration
  • Public safety and law enforcement
  • Medical/Health professions and psychology
  • Mechanic and repair technologies
  • Legal
  • Engineering and engineering technologies
  • Education
  • Computer sciences and communication technologies
  • Communication and journalism
  • Business

Options for Campus Time Required for Online Degrees

Despite being taught online using Web conferences, prerecorded lectures, online videos, teleconferences, bulletin boards and typed lectures, some online degree programs require students to spend minimal amounts of time on campus. Although students communicate regularly with professors and classmates through message boards, e-mail, instant messages and chat rooms, time on campus allows them to meet with professors, advisors and classmates and to attend workshops.

Other programs are hybrid or blended courses. These classes have a sizable amount of the content presented online and often use online discussions. The number of face-to-face classes is reduced, but is still a substantial part of the program. The student must decide which program type will best meet his or her needs.