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A top distance education institute of higher learning, Walden University is an online college that offers bachelors through post-graduate programs for thousands of students from coast to coast. Here’s some of the interesting developments that have taken place at Walden University and it’s virtual version Walden University online over the years.

About Walden University

Centered in the Midwest, the college was started in 1971 as a for-profit, private institution. Currently, Walden College awards Master of Arts, Master of Public Health, Master of Business Administration, B.S., MS Health Studies, and Doctorate Programs as well.

The academic center has over 50 locations from state to state in addition to the online university. To provide these locations, Walden University has partnered with the a top academic services firm. With this collaboration, pupils at this computer based school can participate in graduate residencies in Europe and South America. Additionally, participants are able to take advantage of Walden College’s career counseling services.

Unlike other peer schools, Walden University online highly values its professors and believes that their academic training should be more than just for the goal of career advancement. It is through this goal that the academic benchmarks of Walden have been set relatively skyward.

At Walden University, the work load is high, anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week, per class. The institution makes use of the honor system for work submission, and at the same time, the university heavily relies on personal study. This doesn’t mean that the school falls short with its student-teacher communication; rather, Walden University maintains admirable contact between student and teacher in order to facilitate the independent study. Another reason why Walden is such a top notch resource for an online degree is the admission guidelines.

The initial acceptance to Walden is lead by a few fundamentals, but long-term admission relies upon the student’s capability to keep up with the workload. Instead of wasting large amounts of money on a poor educational experience, Walden assists you to save by making sure you are ready in the first place. All in all, if you are still unsure about Walden University, consider this: over two hundred fifty thousand pupils are enrolled across multiple continents, working towards their degree certifications. Don’t you want to be a part of this unmatched community?